2018 Dorcas Ladies President:  Mary Goddard
Vice President:  Yvonne Longacre
Secretary:  Cindy Boswell
Treasurer:  Connie Tillotson
Historian:  Bert Rinehart
Cards:  Peggy Harbaugh

2018 Hostess Schedule For Our Meetings

January 4 - Yvonne

February 10 - Valentine's Dinner

March 1 - Mary 

April 5 - Cindy

May 3 - Connie & Donna 

June 7 - Annual Picnic

July 10 - Phyllis

August 2 - Annual Field Trip

September 6 - Sarah Jane & Peggy

October 4 - Sally & Yvonne 

November 1 - Bonnie 

December 6 -  Dinner & Christmas Lights

2018 Dorcas Activities Schedule

May 10 - Mary's Quilt Class, 7:00 pm, church basement

May 17 - Mary's Quilt Class, 7:00 pm, church basement

May 19 - Women's Banquet, 6:00 pm, church basement 

May 20 - Circulate VBS Flyers, 5:00 pm, meet at the church w/ pizza afterwards

June 10-14 - Vacation Bible School; 5:45 to 8:30 pm, church building 

June 21 - Cookbook Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm, church basement

June 23 - Craft Party, 2:00 to 4:00 pm, church building (solar light planter)

July 26 - Cookbook Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm, church basement

September 15 - Craft Party, 2:00 to 4:00 pm, church building (clay pot light)

October 20 - Craft Party, 2:00 to 4:00 pm, church building (clay pot angel)

November 16 - Making Stockings, 2:00 to 4:00 pm, church building (see Mary) 

December 8 - Cookie Swap/Ornament Game*, 3:00 to 5:00 pm, church basement 

December 16 -  Secret Sister Tea & Reveal, 3:00 to 5:00 pm, church basement

*Bring a dozen cookies along with the recipe, and a wrapped ornament valued at $5 or less (no names).

Dorcas Circle - Women's Ministry

Dorcas (Acts 9) was a woman loved by many. She was known for her acts of kindness and helping those less fortunate. The Dorcas group is named after her. 

Our Mission Statement is:

“To give comfort, love, and joy to those in need through Jesus, our Lord, and to assist with projects within the church that will ultimately result in the growth of His kingdom.”

Part of what we do:

•  Help with funeral meals

•  Support Christian Children’s Home of Ohio by sending monetary gift at school and 
Christmas times
•  Support college and military church members with gift boxes/monetary gifts/cards
•  Plan/carry out Men’s Banquet
•  Support Ladies’s Banquet
•  Provide handmade fleece prayer blankets to those who are ill
•  Support Worthington Christian Village
•  Clean brass rail in sanctuary and defrost refrigerators
•  Help plan and provide Thanksgiving meal
•  Support Youth Group
•  Provide flowers for sanctuary
•  Implement annual Valentine dinner out for whole church
•  Yearly projects…

By letting you know some of what we do, we are inviting any lady of the church to join us in our goal to support our church and glorify our Lord. We meet the first Thursday of the month unless there is Food Bank and then we meet the following Thursday. We take turns hosting unless we have an outing (we do enjoy socializing)!

                        We had a special treat at our July 2018 meeting!

The 2018 Valentine's Dinner

 To See Photos From Our 2016 Valentine's Dinner click here:


Photos from Our 2017 Christmas Lights & Dinner

Kitchen Cleaning Day 2017


The January 3, 2017 outing to Maggie Clark's home to view her Christmas Villages.

(Pictured L-R) Front row: Sarah Jane, Donna, Mary, and Peggy,

with Vikki and Cindy sitting in the middle row.

Back row: Katie, Yvonne, Bonnie, Connie and Maggie.

 The August 10, 2016 trip to the Raemelton Therapeutic Equestrian Center:

(Pictured here) Cindy, Bonnie, Sally, Phyllis, Dixie, Connie, Mary, Susan and Vikki.

Our November 2014 outing to see the Christmas lights at Alum Creek State Park and dinner at Cracker Barrel.

(Pictured L-R): Peggy, Dixie, Cindy, Mary, Sally, Bonnie, Susan, Connie, Phyllis, Yvonne, and Sarah Jane  (Jackie, taking photo)

Our August 2015 Field Trip to The Bible Walk Museum in Mansfield, OH. (Pictured L-R): Bobbi, Connie, Sally, Bonnie, Dixie, Sarah Jane, Peggy, Mary (Jackie, taking photo)


Also from our outing in August 2015...Lunch at the China Buffet! (L) Group Photo and (R) Sally after unknowingly trying sushi!

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