Caledonia Church of Christ


If you haven’t been paying attention, our world has changed a little over the last several years. We now live in a society that is legalizing drugs, deciding marriage no longer requires a man and a woman, believes right and wrong is a matter of opinion, and where mass shootings in our schools are becoming common place. 

As followers of Christ, we don’t always fit into the world. In fact, the Scriptures indicate that we probably shouldn’t. More and more the Church finds itself going against the flow of popular culture. It is necessary that we have a solid biblical foundation to stand on in the midst of our rapidly shifting cultural landscape.


We need to know the Word of God and we must rely on it to shape our understanding of current issues. In His Word we learn how we can share the gospel compassionately and courageously with the people around us. Somehow we must learn how to “be in the world but not of the world” while at the same time learning how to “become all things to all men, so that we may by all means save some.”  The Church has at least four possible responses to cultural change.



In order to appeal to and appease society some churches compromise what they believe and the standard for the way they act. Some even believe that compromising beliefs is somehow loving, or “tolerant.” The hope and strategy is that people will be more attracted to Jesus if His teachings are less offensive. But to what end? Teaching half-truths and watering down the teachings of Jesus will not benefit our society or result in their salvation.



Abandoning culture and distancing ourselves from society to the point that we have little or no interaction with the world around us is another extreme. These churches desire purity and hope to protect themselves from the temptation of sin. In John 17:15-16 Jesus prayed that His Father would NOT take His followers out of the world but that He would protect them while they were in it. Unless the world hears the Gospel and experiences Christ through His followers it will never know the life-changing power of the gospel. The church was instituted by Jesus to make Him known, not to be an isolated island of holiness on earth.



Churches that exist to combat culture and society often become defensive, judgmental, and even verbally abusive. The goal of these churches is to not give in to the culture around us. This response sees culture as an enemy to be defeated instead of people to be saved. Proving ourselves right, forcing our ways on the world, and trying to legislate morality are not a part of making disciples and will never open the door to proclaiming the Gospel. Countering culture doesn’t mean attacking it or driving it away.



Countering culture means engaging culture with conviction and compassion. We stand firmly on the truth of God, empowered by the Spirit, to extend the love of Christ to the world. Our desire isn’t to conquer but to redeem. It matters what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. The ultimate goal of the church is that God is glorified. That being the case, we can’t just sit back and remain silent while the society does everything but glorify Him. People are on a path that ultimately leads to their destruction and we cannot stand by and watch this happen. Our love for God and for people compels us to act on their behalf. This desire should be the focus of our prayers and a driving force to the manner in which we live our daily lives.


Our response to culture is not a simple matter; engaging our culture is literally a matter of life or death.

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