New Year's Eve Party 2018

Annual Church Picnic on August 28, 2016 

  Kitchen Shower & Ladies Tea on May 1, 2016 

Thank you, to Sharon Brady & Laurie Pugh for planning such a beautiful event for us!

(Those in attendance were: Aubrey, Aleah, Sharon, Laurie, Phyllis, Connie, Patty, Jane, Tydie, Sarah Jane, Deb, Susan, Dixie, Vikki, Katie, Jackie, Bonnie, Bobbi, Angela, Amber, and Peggy. Thank you to everyone who donated items for our kitchen!)

 Dorcas Valentine's Dinner on February 6, 2016 

Ice Cream Social & Movie Night On September 19, 2015 

Annual Church Picnic On August 30, 2015 

Resurrection Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunrise Service Rainbow

Caledonia Church of Christ 2010

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